the process

We spent time researching foster and adoption agencies.  I read blogs and listened to a podcast getting tips on how to select the best agency for us.  I found all of this helpful and calming in this process of the unknown we were embarking on.  A friend urged me to start a blog when we started the process.  Hopefully this blog will help someone else the way I was helped by reading others.

The process started with calling the agency and talking with someone about what we were interested in, asking our immediate questions.  The agency selected an licensing specialist for us.  This person contacted us and set up our initial home visit.  We frantically super cleaned our house preparing for the visit, sure she was coming to “judge” our worthiness and capableness of being parents.  Instead she came in, sat down with us, asking us some questions, going over the multitude of papers we needed to fill out and things we needed to accomplish.  She was kind, friendly and the visit went well.

Our state requires the PS-MAPP training for either foster care or adoption through the foster care system.  This training consists of  10 classes for a total of 30 hours.  Our agency adds two additional classes to this program.

We had certain tasks and paper work which had to be completed prior to starting class and a massive amount of paperwork to work on during class including weekly assignments to be turned in.  We provided references, financial information, our budget, marriage license, who will take the child(ren) if something happens to us, life insurance information, the dogs vaccinations and licensing.  We each had individual interviews with our licensing specialist where she asked additional questions about our childhood, marriage, relationships with each others and our family members.  After our classes were completed we had an  additional home visit to collect more information to complete the home study and for our home to be inspected.  All of the paperwork, homework, interviews, and home visits information goes into the home study the licensing specialist writes for you to be turned into the state for approval.

Your licensing specialist is there to help you meet the requirements and write the best home study they can for you to present to the state.  The state gets to ultimately decide if your are approved.

I cannot stress enough be prepared to fill out more paperwork than is fathomable!  Some of our references called to complain they had to fill out 3 pages on us…we laughed and told them we probably filled out 500+ papers.  It will all be worth it in the end!

This is where we are.  We have completed our classes, all of our paperwork, our personal interviews, and two home visits, including a home inspection.  Our licensing specialist is working on completing our home study which will hopefully be done in about 2 weeks and then it will be submitted to the state for approval.


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  1. Michelle and Jason,
    I am SO happy that you have made the decision to adopt a child. I have prayed for years that you would be able to have a family and I’m excited that the realization of that is getting closer for you! I’m not sure how I can help, but I’m willing to help in any way you need. I’ve known you for years and I think you’ll be amazing parents.
    Love you both!

  2. I am excited to be able to be a virtual part of your journey! Any child would be lucky to have you two as parents! (: Love to You! Tamara

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