the art of blogging

Blogging is weird.  I find myself amazed I am writing here.  So often in life it seems you are talking to someone who isn’t even listening to you, feeling like you are in a one sided conversation.  That is what blogging is like.  Like you are just talking and hoping someone is listening.

I never really did do well at journaling.  I would love to get the new pretty book to write in and would start out with every intention to write my thoughts down so that one day if I wanted to the thoughts could be revisited.  Within a couple days or a week the newness would wear off and I would forget about the journal or would find other things to do.  So, I had numerous, mostly empty journals.

Maybe I hadn’t found the right thing to write about or hadn’t found my voice yet.  While growing up I didn’t have a voice.  I felt I wasn’t allowed to have an opinion, it was chosen for me.  Maybe this is just part of growing up.  Since then I definitely found my voice.  I am sure my husband often wishes he could stuff a sock in my mouth so I won’t share my opinion.  I would not fit into the “Leave it to Beaver” world for sure.  I am not a feminist by any means but I believe in having my own voice and having a shared, mutually respectful relationship.

I have found something I want to share about, this experience of ours and I hope someone out there is listening.  I hope to help someone, inform someone, and share our experience both with our family/friends, and with anyone who may want to learn more or needs encouragement to start down the path we are taking.

I am open and ready for comments, questions, and suggestions.


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  1. I think it’s great that you’re getting all of this out there. It’s wonderful if you can inspire someone else loooking into foster care or adoption, but don’t forget about yourself and your family’s needs. If this is just an outlet to express how you are feeling and what you’re going through on your journey, that’s awesome and I feel honored to be a part of your journey. 🙂

    • This is definitely an outlet and I will but my family and my needs first. If it starts to conflict I will have to let the blogging go.

      I have started to wonder if it will be something I can or will continue after we receive a placement or if I will be too busy between work and our new child(ren). Time will tell.

      Miss u girl! Hope you are doing well.

  2. Journaling is something I have done throughout my adult life and it is a great outlet. I have released guilt by not trying to daily write (and then falling short) but doing entries as I feel prompted or inspired and that has helped.

    journaling……and now electronic journaling (blogging)……

    A scratching down of the days, fragments of grace, scraps of work, bits of hope……and so much more.

    I hope you will enjoy this outlet and others will participate with you and there will be inspiration and information delightfully shared.
    Enjoy the journey!

    • Thanks Mom,
      I am really enjoying blogging. I am not putting any pressures on myself. I am often working on many blogs at a time thinking of the right words or trying to be witty. It is amazing how technology has changed since I was a child! I never would of thought when I had a journal or a diary that I would be one day sharing it all online!

  3. I am so happy that you have found your voice and are sharing something like this with everyone. I know someone is listening and that your blogging will help them out. You and Uncle Jason are the most carring people I know. I know prob. more then anyone else how much you and Uncle deserve to make your own family. I have wanted this for you guys for as long as I can remember but you guys always wanted your own children and couldnt have them. It makes me want to cry but you doing this shows the whole world that you are carring, loving, and wonderful people. I love you guys and hope everything will work out 🙂 ❤

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