Great post by “K” – Check it out!

This is a great post by “K”, a mom in the process of adopting.  Her blog is on my list of blogs : Proverbs 30:8

I really enjoy reading her blog.  They already have two boys they are in the process of adopting.  It is nice to hear people’s stories who are ahead of us in the process.

\”Trying not to be a defensive oversensitive adoptive mom\”


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  1. I liked this post too. It helped me realize that sometimes I am overly defensive when it comes to language thast I probably used myself two years ago.

    Glad we found each other. It always help to journey with someone. I’ll be praying for your certification!

    • I’m glad we found each other too! Thank you. I am hoping you guys get another call soon… Now you know you are certified 🙂

      • I’m evolving as a blogger. When I posted this message, I didn’t know how to adequately post something and link it back to the original post other than the way I did it. I feel I did a much better job when I reposted “Single Dad Laughing” link.

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