the last childless weekend getaway???

California – no doubt about it, a beautiful wonderful place to visit!  The weather was cool and divine, a fabulous get away from the AZ heat.

We visited the Santa Monica Pier, one of our favorite places in California.  We also saw Hotel California.  Being an Eagles fan I have heard the song but didn’t know there was actually a hotel named “Hotel California” but there is! 

Our hotel was about a mile from Disneyland.  Every time I thought about how close we were to Disneyland, I was excited and overjoyed thinking… I can’t wait to come back with our kids, which we hope will be joining our family really soon.  I had no negative or envious feelings at all when seeing all of the children with their families. Only excitement and anticipation for us!

I have ALWAYS wanted to be a mother.  I have prayed for my children for as long as I can remember.  Although things have not worked out as I have planned, HE has a plan for us and I know our children are out there, waiting for us as we are waiting for them. I can’t wait to meet them!

We visited a restaurant, El Cholo, which my friend claims to be the best mexican food in Los Angeles.  It was yummy and J could eat the salsa, definitely a benefit.  For those of you who don’t know my husband well, he is not the biggest fan of mexican food (my favorite) and he finds Taco Bell Mild Sauce to be “spicy”.  So finding a place he and I can both enjoy is awesome!

The had pretty darn good Margaritas too!!  One of my favorite occasional treats is having a Margarita, they are like a refreshing lemonade with a kick! 😉

I am really starting to consider myself a connoisseur of salsa and margaritas.  Two of my favorite things.  I now have my favorite places is multiples cities, states, and in three countries.

We also visited Desert Hills Premium Outlets and Cabazon Outlets.  We both found some summer clothes and I got a couple new purses with my fabulous 30% off coupon. 🙂

We have been told by our licensing specialist to keep living our lives, not planning it around our children to be because we don’t know when they will arrive.  But this weekend we sure found ourselves wondering if this was our last childless weekend getaway???  What will happen with our planned September vacation?  Will we have another childless getaway?  Will we be bringing children along?  Will we be canceling because we have just been placed and feel it is too soon to be traveling as a family?

Not really sure what the future holds right now but feeling optimistic and excited today.


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  1. I really hope this is your last weekend trip together alone, but remember you still need your couple time. I am praying that you guys get one next week and when you do I will have grandma come pick me up so we can come see you guys! I cant wait to have a little cousin and if you guys ever feel like you need a night off just remember I am already finger printed 😉

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