curiosity vs. confidentiality

We all know the saying “curiosity killed the cat”.  I am sure everyone in our lives will be wondering so many things about the children we are privileged to bring home and adopt.

In adoption, probably specifically foster care adoption, there is a confidentiality clause. This is a rule to protect the children who come into our homes.

Although I am sure everyone will be curious what their story is, why they are in the foster care system, what they have been through, this is their story.  When they are older and when they are ready they can choose to share this information with whomever they choose.

J and I will know whatever information we are told but we are not allowed, nor do we feel it would be the right thing to share this information with anyone. If something specific needs to be shared with a doctor or therapist for them to treat the child they we will have to share the information but other than that we can not.

This isn’t because we don’t love you or know you would love and support our child regardless, it is to protect them and their private information.  It will give them a fresh start where everyone “doesn’t know their name”.


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  1. that is totally understandable

  2. This is understandable……a lot of sensitive issues involved, and I am seeing this is a real learning experience for all of us inside and outside of the foster/adoptive process.
    Thanks for sharing.

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