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A week ago we were contacted by our licensing specialist.  Another county was looking for families who would want their files looked at for a child who would have some special needs. Our licensing specialist gave us some information and asked if we would like to have our file put on the case managers desk to be considered for baby A.  After reviewing the information we had received we let her know we did want our file passed on and wanted to be considered for the Red File Staffing for baby A.

We were nervous to tell anyone about the call because this was a weird preliminary call and we had not yet been selected for the Red File Staffing, we only knew our file would be looked at.  We didn’t want to jinx our chances by telling everyone.  Silly, I know.

We can’t say much but here is what we can tell you.  Baby A was a 13 month old girl who had already been faced with a lot in life and at this point there was a lot of unknowns regarding how lasting her special needs would be.

We were secretly really confident we would at least make it to the Red File Staffing and probably even get selected.  We thought this because I am an ICU nurse, baby A’s special needs, and since J and I work opposite shifts, we are considered a stay at home parent.  These were two BIG things in our favor.

We thought and considered the special needs and the challenges we may face but were excited and confident we were ready to take on this challenge.

While waiting to hear if we were selected to be in the Red File Staffing, I was praying for God’s will.  If baby A was the right baby for us, we would be selected.  If baby A was not the child he wanted us to have, I wanted the decision to be made for us.  I didn’t want us to be faced with the decision of not choosing her if we felt the challenges would be too much upon learning more information.  I know being in that situation would be really hard for us because we are so ready to be parents.

Tuesday we were contacted by our specialist, letting us know we were not chosen to be in the Red File Staffing.  We were all shocked based on the particular special needs and my nursing background that we weren’t selected to be in the staffing.  At this point in the game, they don’t tell you why you weren’t selected.  Normally you wouldn’t even know they were looking at your file until you were asked to be in the Red File Staffing.

I guess we are encouraged our file has been looked at and considered.  Surprised we didn’t make the Red File Staffing on this one.  And trying to believe the reason we weren’t chosen is because my prayer was answered that we wouldn’t have to choose not to take her because her medical needs were too great.

It is amazing how attached you can get and how easily your heart can start loving this little being that isn’t in your life yet.


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  1. I think it is an easy process to immediately begin to imagine what your lives will be like with a particular child in it once a possibility is placed before you. Your hearts are very primed and ready to share both love and life with a child.
    There are decisions all throughout this process and taking in a special needs child requires more reflection. Truly it must be challenging to have other people “hold the power to choose” for you when you are more than ready……
    How blessed your are to believe in the power of prayer and God’s faithfulness to be invested in all that pertains to you and your lives. You may never know the whys, but standing in faith will never be a wrong stance.
    You two are tender-hearted and no doubt will wish good things for baby A regardless who raises the baby. No coincidence this came across your path in life.
    Keep hope alive.

  2. OMG I just started to cry when I read this I want you guys to have a child so badly because i know what great parent you both would be. I thought to myself as I read this “Please don’t tell me they didn’t get the baby.” There is nothing in this world I want more then to go to your house and see the one thing that you guys want and that is a baby. If I were pregnant right now I would happily give you the child knowing you guys could take care of it better then I could and love it more then anyone else that could adopt him/her. I love you guys so much and I just want you guys to know that I am here for you.

  3. Sorry to hear you were not selected for the Red File, but I am sure God has another plan (and baby!) for you.

    Much love, thoughts, and prayers!


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