the food allergy experiment finale

BOOO on the food allergy experiment.

The results:

1.  I did not lose weight

2.  I did not feel better, I actually felt worse – more stomach ache/indigestion/reflux problems

3.  I was miserable and crabby as things on the list meant ruling several of my favorite foods out

4.  It was painfully challenging to find foods that did not include one of the following: carrots, tomatoes, melons, mangoes, corn, potatoes, peanuts, or apples – I mean think about it, almost everything made has high fructose CORN syrup in it

5.  Another annoying thing is my blood and skin allergy test both were negative for shellfish – even though I have had a known reaction with sushi (containing crab) which I later realized was a crab problem when I had Alaskan King Crab and had a worse reaction

My conclusion about the food allergy experiment is I will avoid the foods I have no problem avoiding: melons, mangos, peanuts, carrots, and apples.  And even though I did not test positive to shellfish, I have since accidentally had something with crab in it and had a worse reaction, so this is definitely on the no-no list. Corn, tomatoes, and potatoes I have had such a hard time going without so I will probably have them in moderation.


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  1. What matters tho is that you were willing to try…..some people do not get that far.
    You tried and have results…..even tho not as hoped…..but telling results still.
    Wish you well as you proceed forward in addressing all your allergy issues.
    Feel better…….

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