and the winner is….US!!!

Today was the Red File Staffing for three precious children.  Two other couples and us were being represented at the meeting where they decided who would be the best fit, best choice to be their parents.

We are very happy to announce we were chosen to be the parents to these children!  We will be the parents to a 39 month old boy, a 20 month old boy, and a 9 month old girl. We will be going from a couple to a instant family of five!

Tomorrow we go to the Paper File.  This is a meeting where we go with our licensing specialist to meet the case manager and foster parents and anyone else whom they have asked to join us.  We will get to ask all of our questions and hear more about the kids.

At the end of the meeting we will get to see a picture of the kids!

The process is going to move very quickly and we know we will be very busy.  I am sure we will need everyone’s love, support, and understanding as we start this new journey in our lives.

Thank you to everyone who has been encouraging, helping, and loving us through this process!


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  1. This is absolutely fantastic news! Congratulations Mommy!!! You are right, things will happen faster than you can possibly imagine. Don’t be surprised if they suggest the kids move in right away. We only had three weeks to prepare, and they were a whirlwind!

    Let me know what I can do to help… I know we don’t know each other very well but I am more than happy to support you however I can.

  2. Such exciting news! (: Congratulations!!!! Lots of Love to You both!!!

  3. Congratulations Michelle that it great news! I am very happy for you both. If you need any help or have questions I am always available.


  4. Congratulations!! That is awesome and amazing news! I will keep your new family in my thoughts and prayers as you begin this new journey in your lives!


  5. Heartfelt Congratulations!
    How truly thrilled you must be that this day is here!
    Let the snuggles and cuddles and kisses begin!
    May your joys and love -like your babies-keep growing and growing each year.

  6. YEA! So excited for you and your new family! We’ll have to do a playdate next time I’m in AZ with the kiddos! Good luck as you adjust; three kids is a definite increase in noise volume around the house, but a good kind of increase :). We will be praying!

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