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Well…. It’s been a LONG time!!!

Getting up to speed….

A year ago now we were preparing and amping up for a private adoption.  We were overjoyed and so excited as we were about three weeks away from the birth of little boy we believed would be our son.  Unfortunately, the birth mom changed her mind two weeks before the baby was born and wanted a family member to have him.  It was devastating for us.  We have so much love to share and are faced with disappointment after disappointment!

What's the plan??

I truly believe God has a plan for each and every one of us and everything happens for a reason.  However, wish when things are really tough, you could get a memo explaining some of these reasons.  Each challenge and disappointment has made us stronger.  We are definitely hoping to still grow our family.  We are ever so grateful for the love and support of all of our family and friends who have been encouraging and helpful when things are really tough.

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